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Create an Awesome Facebook Profile with Profile Maker

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We all know that a photograph is a memory in the raw. Every photograph has  a small story to share.
No wonder the new Facebook profile which was rolled out sometime back  emphasized more on photos. You must also been experiencing it. The new profile look is cool and customizing it to your taste would be still better. If you think that you find it difficult to make an awesome Facebook profile, then here is a app for you -  Profile Maker.
Profile Maker lets you creatively blend your main pic and the top row of recently tagged photos into one giant profile pic display.
You can quickly upload a new profile picture, move the photo around inside the frame(s), and then seamlessly “extend” the image across the row of recently-tagged photo.
profilemaker App to Create an Awesome Facebook Profile
Well this morning I tested it and I must say that it was very easy to use and only took me few minutes to make my Facebook Profile pretty. And all this in three simple steps – Upload, design, create.
How to make use of Profile Maker?
1> Visit the Profile Maker App here.
2>  Click on the Upload Photo button at the top left of the screen.
3> Select a Picture from your computer that you want on your profile.
4> Here you can adjust the pic in two ways:
  • First, you can zoom in and out using the Zoom slider at the top.
  • Second, you can drag it from any of the box where u can see the picture.
5> Then when you are ready and all set, just click on Create Profile at top right.
6> Now for the last step as it says there click on the Go to Photos .
7> Now Click on Make this my Profile picture at the bottom right.
How to get the best out of it?
This works best if you use a photo that either prominently features you, or an image with a panoramic view.
If you choose something that doesn’t fit either of these descriptions will look disjointed when put into the new layout.
Just have a look at this screen-shots below. You will get a fair idea of how to properly customize your photo.
1>> Not a good customization I should say as you cannot see the face on the profile.
Profile Maker on Facebook1 App to Create an Awesome Facebook Profile

2>> Here your eyes get more importance. You can choose this style of customization if you have great eyes.
Profile Maker on Facebook App to Create an Awesome Facebook Profile
3>> This is better than the previous two. It also looks clear and perfect.
Profile Maker on Facebook2 App to Create an Awesome Facebook Profile

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Rustam Ali mengatakan... 13 Februari 2016 07.54

Profile maker is the best apps for making profile photo.

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