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Call Of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Offline Bots + Zombie

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Since many people had been asking I decided to make a post about how to play Black Ops offline with Bots + Zombie Fix

If you don't have Black Ops yet: Call of Duty - Black Ops by SKIDROW

1.1- Download all the files :D
a.COD.BO latest update by SKIDROW

1.2- Apply the Latest Update. Next put the BlackOps.exe in your game directory. Lastly copy everything in the OfflineBots folder which is the players folder, BlackOpsMP.exe and Steamclient.dll to (C:\Program Files\Activison\Call Of Duty - Black Ops\)

2.1- Start Single Player so it creates a folder called 'Players', then exit.
2.2- Start the MultiPlayer and exit after it says that it can’t connect to the black ops server.
2.3- Go to your Black ops folder and find the 'config_Mp.cfg" in C:\Program Files\Activison\Call Of Duty - Black Ops\Player
2.4- Open config_Mp.cfg in notepad.

3.Add the lines below in config_Mp.cfg
seta scr_bot_difficulty "normal"
seta scr_bots_managed_all "19"
seta scr_bots_managed_spawn "19"
bind ,"scr_bots_managed_all 19"
bind ."scr_bots_managed_spawn 19"

4.Save config_Mp.cfg and make it read only (right click it then tick read only)

5.Start BlackOpsMP. You will hang for a few seconds and a message will popup saying that it can't connect to Server

6.Now press the ~ key (it's beside 1 if your blind)

7.Start the game by writing "/map xx_xxxxxx" with the xx_xxxx being the map name. (ex. /map mp_nuked)

Map List:
Map Name: Array
File Name: MP_ARRAY

Map Name: Havana
File Name: MP_CAIRO

Map Name: Launch

Map Name: Cracked

Map Name: Crisis
File Name: MP_CRISIS

Map Name: Grid
File Name: MP_DUGA

Map Name: Firing Range

Map Name: Hanoi
File Name: MP_HANOI

Map Name: Jungle
File Name: MP_HAVOC

Map Name: Summit

Map Name: Nuketown
File Name: MP_NUKED

Map Name: Radiation

Map Name: WMD

Map Name: Villa
File Name: MP_VILLA
*(Type the file name [ex:MP_NUKED] not the map name)

8. To change Game Modes
type g_gametype xxxx (xxxx being game mode abbreviation)

Game Mode List:
Game type: Free-for-All
Abbreviation: dm

Game type: Team Deathmatch
Abbreviation: tdm

Game type: Search and Destroy
Abbreviation: sd

Game type: Domination
Abbreviation: dom

Game type: Sabotage
Abbreviation: sab

Game type: Capture the Flag
Abbreviation: ctf

Game type: Headquarters
Abbreviation: koth

Game type: War
Abbreviation: twar

Game type: RC Car Race
Abbreviation: rcrace

Game type: World Domination
Abbreviation: wdom

Game type: Demolition
Abbreviation: dem

Game type: One in the Chamber
Abbreviation: oic

Game type: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Abbreviation: ktc

Game type: Flag Rush
Abbreviation: tktc

Game type: Waypoint Flag Rush
Abbreviation: wpfr

Game type: Sticks and Stones
Abbreviation: hlnd

Game type: Gun Game
Abbreviation: gun

Game type: Sharpshooter
Abbreviation: shrp

EXTRA: Enabling Killstreaks and Ranks. (wont save the ranks though D: )
DOWNLOAD THIS: ItsModsloader.rar

1. Extract ItsModsloader.rar and you will get a folder named ItsModsloader
2. Run ItsModsloader.exe and then start BlackOpsMP.exe 
3. Tada ! you have killstreaks enabled.

NOTE: Will add a guide on how to edit classes and killstreaks soon because the current weapon list website is down.

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13 komentar on Call Of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Offline Bots + Zombie :

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Anonim mengatakan... 25 Juli 2013 02.33

how to add or remove bots ??

Crysis 3 Crack mengatakan... 31 Juli 2013 11.01

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Natalie Watson mengatakan... 2 Agustus 2013 00.12

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Abbi roy mengatakan... 6 Desember 2013 22.15

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Anonim mengatakan... 22 Desember 2013 11.25

hmmmm a blops 1 screenshot.... interesting..

Michael Frank mengatakan... 23 Agustus 2014 05.30

hi, i have try this offline bot mod and have an error, when i open BlackOpsMP.exe its says "monitor out of range", i don't know what's wrong, please help me fix it. thanks

king miller smith mengatakan... 6 November 2014 22.25

why the game too short?? the FFA's objective is 1500, and i want to extend it for like 3000 pts or more, how can i do that??

Anonim mengatakan... 30 Mei 2015 04.18

I want to customize the loadouts please

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Deyan Simeonov mengatakan... 10 Desember 2015 05.33

The moment I saw it I knew that Call of Duty: Black Ops III would be one of the candidates for game of the year. Since it came out I have played almost 100 hours (which is a lot for me) and have really enjoyed all of it. If you are curious how it looks like you can check out some gameplay here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HErB4bNJ0BE. I can tell you that this game is totally worth it.

Tjs mengatakan... 2 Maret 2018 22.13

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