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Linux Ubuntu GamePack 11.04

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Ubuntu GamePack is currently the largest collection of different genres of games for Ubuntu Linux. There is no need to explore the Internet in search of game, but finding a game to ask how to install it in Ubuntu Linux.

Ingredients: 6 mb disk (5 DVD discs include 156 most popular games of different genres. As a 6th drive - Ubuntu Desktop 11.04).
On the drive there a brief description of games and game fragments of illustrations, and she liked you install any game - taking a couple of mouse clicks. For the disk must run autorun.sh located in the root directory.

Kit will be interesting to gambling of any age. Here you play in classical chess and solve puzzles, perform aerobatic maneuvers at the controls of an airplane over the metropolis, racer feel, fight for space battles in boundless space, build a city and the enemies of postrelyate machine in today's shooter and dive into the virtual world multiplayer online games.

These discs are not a modification of Ubuntu Linux. They contain only the game, so the system requires pre-Ubuntu Desktop Linux 11.04 (or based on it, such as LinuxMint, SuperOS and others).
The content of discs:

DVD 1 (4.3G) - 47 games
Optimized Urban Terror - Optimized Urban Terror client binary

Vavoom - Quake-like game

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Demo) -

Smokin 'Guns - Quake 3 engine is based on the games of the "Old West's"

OpenArena - A three-dimensional fast-paced first-person shooter


Pingus - Game is created based on the game Lemmings (Lemmings)

Frogatto - 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog

Streets of Rage Remake -

Sonic Robo Blast 2 -

Open Sonic - Game based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog"

Neverball - 3D game with a sloping floor

THE SCND GENESIS - Fighting game bases on webcomic

Xmoto - 2D motocross game

Scorched3d - 3D game artileriyskaya similar Scorched Earth

Legends - Fast-paced FPS online multiplayer game

Wormux - 2D game funny

Lugaru HD - Third-person action game about an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit

Irrlamb - 3D Physics Game

Go Ollie! - Go Ollie!

BZFlag - 3D-game first-person tank battle

SCOURGE - A lot of game platform with open source

AstroMenace - 3d shooter

OpenLieroX - Worms clone with support for online play

Bombic - Like Bomberman Game

Capitan Sevilla - Seville Save from the evil Dr. Torrebruno

Teeworlds - Online 2D shooter

Ardentryst - Action / RPG focused on story and character development

Hedgewars - Playing in the style of Worms

D2X-XL - Descent 2 game port

TORIBASH! - Fighting the new generation

Yo Frankie! - 3D platform game of this generation

Paintown - Paintown 2D fighting game

Secret Maryo Chronicles - A running and jumping games like Super Mario World

Hannah's Horse - Aimed at children playing in the style of Pacman

Rocks'n'Diamonds - Arcade game

SuperTux - 2D arcade classic in the genre of "jump 'n run" in the title role in Tux'om

I Have No Tomatoes - Tomato game of destruction

Armagetron - 3D Tron-like high speed game

Battle Tanks - "Tanks" with multi-user mode and split screen

Extreme Tux Racer - 3D racing game with Tux, the penguin Linux

Atomic tanks - Tank battles

Trackballs - The balls in the maze

LBreakout2 - Game-type ball-and-paddle with nice graphics

Blob Wars: Episode II - Three-dimensional game-shooter

BRIQUOLO - 3d Breakout at a rapid pace

Nikwi - Platform game where your task - to collect candy

Neverputt - 3D Miniature Golf

DVD 2 (4.3G) - 17 games
Asylum - A shooter platform
Goonies - Aa remake of the 8-bit 'The Goonies'
Robombs - Free multiplayer 3D game like Bomberman

Logic and Puzzle
PyTraffic - A Python version of Rush Hour
Caph - Playing like "sand box", based on the laws of physics.
Numpty Physics -
OGS Mahjong -

FPS (First Person Shooter)
America's Army - v.2.5.0
Assault Cube - Realistic first-person-shooter
World of Padman - World of Padman Client
Warsow - Fast 3D first-person shooter
Red Eclipse - Single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
Alien Arena - A single 3D online first-person shooter
Enemy Territory - Multiplayer shooter
Blood Frontier - Single and multiplayer first-person shooter
True Combat Elite - An Enemy Territory modification
Tremulous - People against strangers. Command shooter with elements of real-time strategy

DVD 3 (4.3G) - 28 games
Steel Storm - Episode I

FPS (First Person Shooter)
Revenge Of The Cats - Fast-paced, team multiplayer FPS
Nexuiz - Swift 3D first-person shooter
Sauerbraten - Shell game 3D first-person

MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing)
Savage XR -
Daimonin Online -
RuneScape -
IConquerU -
Auteria Online -
Tibia Online -
Regnum Online -
Online Wakfu -
Eternal Lands - The client package for Eternal Lands, a free MMORPG
Project Diaspora - 2D Space Trading MMORPG

SoulFu - Graphical role-playing game similar to Rogue
Lips Of Suna - Game with elements of action-RPG
Warlock's Gauntlet - Dyablopodobnaya game
Freedroid RPG - RPG based on the isometric Paradroid
The Ur-Quan Masters - Intergalactic Adventure

Logic and Puzzle
Jag - 2D arcade puzzle
OpenAlchemist - Open Alchemist
5Ball - A small application logic
Vertris - Tetris clone
Deadly Cobra - Like the classic game Nibbles (tm)
Zaz - Puzzle game
Biniax-2 - Logic game with arcade and tactical mode
PipeWalker - String any all computers in network
Fish Fillets - Pazlovaya game about witty fish, save the world

DVD 4 (4.3G) - 27 games
Racing in cars
Super TuxKart - A game in racing karts
StuntRally - Rally game with stunt elements
VDrift - Cross-platform open simulator
Speed Dreams - Racing simulator
Tile Racer - 3D stunt racing
The Open Racing Car Simulator - A three-dimensional (OpenGL) racing simulator

NAEV - 2D game competition in trade
Funguloids - Space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator game
The Babylon Project - Babylon 5 modifications for FreeSpace 2 SCP
Oolite - Oolite cosmological simulation for portable GNUStep / OpenGL linux

OpenRA -
Freeciv - Civilization turn-based strategy
Pax Britannica - One-button real-time strategy game
TripleA - Turn-based strategy
Megaglest - A free 3D real-time customizable strategy game
FreeCol - A free version of Colonization
Warzone2100 - 3D strategy relnogo time
UFO Alien Invasion - Create your team and stop the aliens
Spring RTS - Real-time strategy
0 AD - A war / economy strategy game
Widelands - Fantasy real-time strategy
Bos Wars - A futuristic real time strategy
8Kingdoms - 3D turn-based strategy
MegaMek - Network Java clone BattleTech
The Battle for Wesnoth - a turn-based strategy - full versya
Globulation 2 - An innovative cutting edge real-time strategy
NetPanzer - Online multiplayer tactical game

DVD 5 (2.9G) - 37 games
Corsix-th - Open source clone of Theme Hospital
OpenTTD - A new implementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with enhancements
Zero Ballistics - A mixture of first-person shooter and tank battles
Snowglobe - A new viewer for Second Life
Flight Gear Flight Simulator - Flight Simulator
Unknown Horizons - RealTime economic simulator with strategy elements
CRRCsim - Flight simulator on an airplane
Simutrans - Transportation simulator
Lincity - Town-planning simulator with sophisticated graphics
GL-117 - Flight simulator
Danger from the deep - submarine simulator
openBVE - Train Simulator Driving
The Powder Toy - Physics sandbox game

FreeOrion - turn-based game, which aims to space exploration and conquest of the galaxy
Glest - Free 3D strategy

Maxi Mini Golf -
Underworld Hockey Club - 3D Arcade Hockey from the Underworld
Free Tennis - Realistic simulator of tennis.
DreamChess - 3D Chess
Foobillard - three-dimensional billiards, use OpenGL
BillardGL - three-dimensional billiards

Soldier of Fortune -
FizzBall (Demo) -
World of Goo - Demo - A puzzle game with an emphasis on physics.

Sandbox Game Maker - 3D game developed by corporate for children
Syntensity - A platform for 3D games

Vegastrike - 3D space battles

Logic and Puzzle
Angry Drunken Dwarves - A puzzle of "falling blocks"
Frozen-Bubble - Bursting balloons!

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