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[Top 5] Skin minimalist Conky for Ubuntu desktop

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Conky is a lightweight and simple program that serves for the monitoring system on the Ubuntu desktop. Conky can be modified at will we, from the display to adjust the function of what appears didesktop.

In addition to its function of interest, Conky is also often used as a Linux desktop decoration program, and not infrequently found a cool Linux desktop Conky contained therein.

For those of you who like minimali desktop Linux, I will divide five fruit-themed skins minimalist Conky. Click image to go to the download link.

1. Gotham – Conky config by ~psyjunta

Gotham - Conky config

2. Zegoe for Conky by ~iHackr

Zegoe for Conky

3. Cowon Conky by ~BigRZA

Cowon Conky

4. Lite Conky Set by *vR-17

Lite Conky Set

5. Conky – Ethereal by ~Fenouille84

Conky - Ethereal

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One of the most cool features that most likely desired by many Ubuntu OS users. Also, it might be a good thing for them to have some programming works after having this.

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