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Webpage Maker 3.2

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Web Page Maker is really an easy-to-use web page design tool that enables you to create and upload a professional web page in short minutes without having to know HTML. Simply add text, images, photos, animation, navigation bar, flash, buttons, logos, and more onto web page and move them freely. It offersseveral pre-designed templates, so youcan easily create a new web page from them.

What's new in WEBPAGE MAKER 3.2:
* Improve the compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
* Added: The ability to publish just changed files.
* Added: The ability to create a xml sitemap.
* Added: The ability to insert extra html code at some special postion.
* Added: The option to save image files as relative path.
* Added: The option to export high quality shape image.
* Added: The option to apply to all pages for page properties.
* Fixed: Sometimes the changes will not save.
* Fixed: Sometimes publisher missing a few files.
* Fixed: Image scanline error.
* Remember the main window's postion and size
* And minor bugs fixed.

Link Download Web Pagemaker 3.2

(keygen included)

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2 komentar on Webpage Maker 3.2 :

Andry Pramudya mengatakan... 18 Oktober 2011 21.52

request Dreamweaver :-D

Download Maniac mengatakan... 19 Oktober 2011 04.33

okay, i will make it for you :D

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